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No more Base-bale or lemon soc-curd

Outdoor baseball and soccer are both cancelled, and so are a billion other things in the pandemic, we'll update you on what's happening. Plus, in addition to foreign policy development, Twitter is now used to share news about innovation layoffs.

Buy online, don't wait in Limes

As the local state of COVID-19 emergency finishes its third week we reveal, through investigative journalism, that the siren wailing is not an emergency beacon. It's your children. We also investigate road closures, dog parks, and hypocritical restaurateurs.

Just Plant yourself at home and watch Tiger King

Has the coronavirus infected our LRT STATIONS? And is a NAME CHANGE the vaccine? Plus a lot of Es. EEDC, e-scooters and E... coronavirus. You cannot escape coverage of COVID.

Edmonton is now in a sTATER TOT of local emergency

Everything you wanted to know about the coronavirus, and a selection of other things we'll tell you anyway. Plus, the season's are changing and we're about to move into Edmonton's next season: Construction (but no festivals)

Edmonton is now a quarantine calzone

We tried really hard to find non-covid related news. We did not succeed. Get your intersection of municipal politics and pandemics here.

Barley, malt, corn, hops, yeast, asorbic acid and a slice of lime

Coronavirus plans to kill us all so Edmonton city council compensates by hopefully having vehicles on roads kill us slightly less frequently.

Cuts are Artichoking Edmonton's higher ed

Council's on break so we go up one level of government and discuss what Alberta's 2020 budget might mean for Edmonton and catch some updates to a couple previous stories

Keeping the speed Breaduction plan in the oven

Council committee got a look at the Core Zone and speed reduction bylaw amendments... and didn't do a lot with them. Plus, one simple fix! Cyclists hate him! How one ward 3 councillor is single-handedly solving snow removal.

Moving forward with the regional transit recALMONDation

Who needs Sherwood Park! We'll make our own regional transit system, and it'll have high quality service and no fares! ...Wait, no, it'll have neither of those things. But Edmonton will run it. Meanwhile, both winter and the province are giving Edmonton a chilly reception.

Park well during blading or get tomaTOWED

The county with a very, very, very large hamlet squashes our regional transit dreams and foreigners throw some shrimp on the barbie and interfere in our traffic calming

EPS wants to Matcha face to a crime

This week, it's a loose-leaf bag of topics: Gondolas, rezoning, bench plaques, facial recognition, and snow clearing - but we promise it's not calcium chloride

Alfalfantasizing about open option parking

Turns out open option parking DID actually come to committee this week. Plus, smart fare implementation is delayed to 2021 and the Journal loses a provincial affairs podcast and an Editor in Chief

Debating Density Agrain

New higher density developments pop up in Oliver and Keheewin, Council says it's not too open to question why it talks behind closed doors, and the Gondola still just Gondolwon't stop coming.

The Gourd-medal winning podcast

We're back, and we won a Canadian Online Publishing Award for best podcast! Let our award-winning voices regale you with tales about calcium chloride, development subsidies, city managers and a casino


It's a Christmas Miracle! The holiday tradition continues a second year of Edmonton Jeopardy. Competing this year: Councillors Knack, Hamilton, and Paquette!

Figuring out what EEDC has Gouda do

LRT vs. BRT is put to rest, at least for the west, and we learn what the future of the EEDC will be.

You See (a) Pea Sized Budget Adjustment

Three little pigs - municipal, provincial and federal - build some fiscal houses and big bad Twitter blows them all down. Meanwhile, Michael Walters spends the week running for mayor.

Commit to our transit priorities? Pecan't do it!

We've debated it a billion times, but we're a billion dollars short so let's re-litigate LRT! Plus our bus network redesign passes ~with contention~ and our mayor might be losing control of council's message.

Too many Fareomatics spoil the broth

In the latest episode of "Troy talks a lot: The Podcast" Troy and Mack (but mostly Troy) talk about some of the advantages of free transit, why it didn't happen, and why climate change was not the best argument to make in service of free transit. Plus journalism is dead!

To understand pedestrians, walk a Chamomile in their shoes

Dad (Mack) is out of town so NO RULES PODCASTING. Troy talks to Sarah Hoyles, Executive Director of paths for people and tries to goad her into fights with the city. Plus, there's a focus on bike lane nomenclature.

Cutting the celery for city staff

While lead poisoning threatens to kill us all, Troy and Mack talk about snow plowing in a post-substance-that-shall-not-be-named era, budget cuts and plagiarism!

Reading the LRTea Leaves

We have to talk about the provincial budget, so we're getting it all in this episode. Find out what grants-in-lieu mean and if we'll still be building the west LRT. Plus, gondolas (and trick-or-treaters)

The Fruits of Edmonton's Tech Investments (LIVE)

Councillors Hamilton and Knack join Troy and Mack to talk about tech, innovation and how City Council can best enable it. This episode was recorded LIVE in front of an audience at Startup Edmonton for Startup Week

Pumpkin up our support of heritage buildings

It's a slow news week, so Troy and Mack take plenty of room to breathe, and probably relax just a bit too much. No alcohol was consumed in the recording of this episode. Heritage buildings, smoking regulation, regional garbage and Mike Nickel's garbage all make an appearance and we close with that sweet, seasonal pumpkin spice. Please don't cancel the show ATB.

Leaf my commute alone!

This week Extinction Rebellion had a few people standing on a bridge and the economic interests of the entire Edmonton Metro Region ground to a halt. Plus, calcium chloride is CANCELLED. And so is free transit on election day.

Garlic pressing the wrong button

One of the biggest and most contentious political motions of this council is derailed for at least a week because one guy pressed the wrong button. That's how our democracy works. We also share more data about who gets transit fines, and the data should be surprising to no one.

The downtown farmers market isn't doing grape

Council approves two more towers and denies zero towers, shocking no one. Plus, we have an update on the downtown farmers market and share information about a wildlife underpass you probably haven't heard of.

Scootin' Makes Chiveson Cranky

Big Daddy Iveson is upset about e-scooters and will turn this whole (not actually a) pilot around! Plus transit fines might be decreasing and we follow up on the WEM Footbridge and Terwilliger expressway.

The sour reality of cLIMEate anxiety

Troy and Mack are joined by Chris Gusen to talk about the need for Edmonton to take immediate and meaningful action on climate change, and how we're doing so far.

The MacQuinoaN Report

The provincial government has released the "blue ribbon" MacKinnon report; Troy gives you the pessimist's take. Meanwhile there are new futures on the horizon for EEDC, Edmonton Global, Rossdale and calcium chloride.

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