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The way we treat municipalities is aPaulaIng

The Honourable Senator Paula Simons joins us to discuss her senate inquiry into the relationship between the federal and municipal governments and what we can do to he...

Watching the watch... people

After some legal advice, Coun. Anne Stevenson is ready to come on the podcast and answer our questions about the police commission.

Speaking Municipally goes to school

This week we learn all about the Edmonton Public School Board and its intersection with provincial and municipal politics and the city plan, with board chair Trisha Es...

Infilling the missing middle of council coverage

This week Councillors Michael Janz and Ashley Salvador join to fill us in on some of the things that we've missed over the first half of their term.

Have your downtown recovery and eat it too

This week, we've got a full grab bag of updates: new bridges, new energy programs, and old parking lots. Plus, maybe we can't eat our way to downtown recovery, but tha...

A public washroom strategy lost in transitlation

The city deals with its abundance of public washrooms by closing several of them. Plus, the police revoke credentials of The Progress Report, council passes a bylaw th...

The second annual Speaking Municipally transit update

Everything you need to know about transit for next year and last is asked and answered with our guest, Actual Friend of the Podcast™ Carrie Hotton-MacDonald.

Masks are SO fifth wave

City council repeals the mask bylaw...and proposes a couple more for next week? We break down the baffling mask debate from City Hall. Plus catch up on trains, bike...

Number 168 on the list

A popular viral tweet may have led you to believe that the EPS has a secret list. The paper might not be real, but the implications are. Plus, we speak with Temitope O...


The Edmonton Police Service faces blowback for its handling of convoy protests and counter-protestors, and also deals with the unintentional declassification of its su...

Unless council's ask is passed, passports will be past

City council plans to debate (read: not implement) municipal vaccine passports, and moves to use the police commission to bring more accountability (read: infinite bud...

If you drink a mug or shot in a park, EPS will know

This week we're brown-bagging our beverages during recording; no drinking allowed. At least in parks. Plus EPS actually procures facial recognition software.

Retraction: Qualico is making headway with its pedway

The City Plan is Dead: Long Live the City Plan! Turns out, all it took to kill the plan was $40M spent on a pedway and a parking garage.

Qualico was making headway and now we're taking away their pedway

Council's back and wasted no time packing our schedule with stuff to talk about. We’ve got pedway memos and police flashbangs - both the physical kind and on Twitter too.

Troy lost a bet

Due to the outcome of a game of Rocket League, Andrew Knack will be "guest hosting" this episode along with Keren Tang. You can listen to them outline their plans f...

Twas the week after budget

This episode is about the budget. Happy holidays and may your break be not filled with nightmares of watching city council debate the budget. Ours will be.

Their Formers Worship play Jeopardy 2021

Alberta Jeopardy 2021 featuring their Formers Worship: Don Iveson, Tara Veer, and Naheed Nenshi!

His Chief concern is that he can't police for McFree

The Edmonton Police Service presents its request for a budget increase. It is not compelling.

Taking Valley Line completion off our photo radar

The LRT is delayed again, but when it comes to LRT, timelines don't mean anything anyway. Plus, Edmonton chose 40 km/h as a safer speed for roadways, and the ever-bene...

I made my greenfield developers disappear

Little new baby council is taking its first steps! We’ve got a recap of the first public hearing, the first contentious motion, and two more councillor introductions.

From 0% we won't Budge-it

Budget season is coming up, we'll give you a preview. Plus, a new task force on homelessness and an update on urban national park. Two new councillors make their intro...

Don't be too rash when you ask to unmask

This week, we’re keeping our masks on, indefinitely. Plus, if you don’t live in Wolf Willow, don’t park in Wolf Willow. Or you’re getting a $100 ticket. And finally, w...

The future of affordable housing according to our Christel ball

Giri Puligandla of the Canadian Mental Health Association and Christel Kjenner, the director of affordable housing at the City of Edmonton join Mack and Troy to talk a...

Post-vote roasts and toasts

We break down the election results, what it means, and how wrong our predictions were. Plus, an update on two bridges, two newly-elected officials resigning and introd...

Sohi's back and he's driving the bus

There was an election (not sure if you noticed). We'll cover the new council and what it all means in future weeks. This week we're dedicating the whole episode to spe...

It's Election Thyme

It's the last episode before the election! There's one last dose of news with bridges and LRT, plus your final injection of election roundup. Plus, predictions so w...

Proactive Donair Disclosure

Just like construction in Edmonton, there's an endless amount of candidate news. We try to keep up with the firehose of information that's coming out.

Orange you glad you have to wear shirts in council chambers (taxi drivers excluded)

The podcast is wearing an orange shirt in spirit. We'll cover some candidate responses to reconciliation, budget, taxes, and politics. Plus, two major candidates drop ...

The close of NomNominations

The federal election is over but we're going FULL STEAM AHEAD on the municipal election! We'll have a recap from the downtown Mayoral forum, coverage of candidate s...

A provincial vaxiccine passport

The province implements a (not called that) vaccine passport, the City of Edmonton surveys the vaccination rates of their staff, and politicians be politicking in two ...

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