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You See (a) Pea Sized Budget Adjustment

Three little pigs - municipal, provincial and federal - build some fiscal houses and big bad Twitter blows them all down. Meanwhile, Michael Walters spends the week running for mayor.

Commit to our transit priorities? Pecan't do it!

We've debated it a billion times, but we're a billion dollars short so let's re-litigate LRT! Plus our bus network redesign passes ~with contention~ and our mayor might be losing control of council's message.

Too many Fareomatics spoil the broth

In the latest episode of "Troy talks a lot: The Podcast" Troy and Mack (but mostly Troy) talk about some of the advantages of free transit, why it didn't happen, and why climate change was not the best argument to make in service of free transit. Plus journalism is dead!

To understand pedestrians, walk a Chamomile in their shoes

Dad (Mack) is out of town so NO RULES PODCASTING. Troy talks to Sarah Hoyles, Executive Director of paths for people and tries to goad her into fights with the city. Plus, there's a focus on bike lane nomenclature.

Cutting the celery for city staff

While lead poisoning threatens to kill us all, Troy and Mack talk about snow plowing in a post-substance-that-shall-not-be-named era, budget cuts and plagiarism!

Reading the LRTea Leaves

We have to talk about the provincial budget, so we're getting it all in this episode. Find out what grants-in-lieu mean and if we'll still be building the west LRT. Plus, gondolas (and trick-or-treaters)

The Fruits of Edmonton's Tech Investments (LIVE)

Councillors Hamilton and Knack join Troy and Mack to talk about tech, innovation and how City Council can best enable it. This episode was recorded LIVE in front of an audience at Startup Edmonton for Startup Week

Pumpkin up our support of heritage buildings

It's a slow news week, so Troy and Mack take plenty of room to breathe, and probably relax just a bit too much. No alcohol was consumed in the recording of this episode. Heritage buildings, smoking regulation, regional garbage and Mike Nickel's garbage all make an appearance and we close with that sweet, seasonal pumpkin spice. Please don't cancel the show ATB.

Leaf my commute alone!

This week Extinction Rebellion had a few people standing on a bridge and the economic interests of the entire Edmonton Metro Region ground to a halt. Plus, calcium chloride is CANCELLED. And so is free transit on election day.

Garlic pressing the wrong button

One of the biggest and most contentious political motions of this council is derailed for at least a week because one guy pressed the wrong button. That's how our democracy works. We also share more data about who gets transit fines, and the data should be surprising to no one.

The downtown farmers market isn't doing grape

Council approves two more towers and denies zero towers, shocking no one. Plus, we have an update on the downtown farmers market and share information about a wildlife underpass you probably haven't heard of.

Scootin' Makes Chiveson Cranky

Big Daddy Iveson is upset about e-scooters and will turn this whole (not actually a) pilot around! Plus transit fines might be decreasing and we follow up on the WEM Footbridge and Terwilliger expressway.

The sour reality of cLIMEate anxiety

Troy and Mack are joined by Chris Gusen to talk about the need for Edmonton to take immediate and meaningful action on climate change, and how we're doing so far.

The MacQuinoaN Report

The provincial government has released the "blue ribbon" MacKinnon report; Troy gives you the pessimist's take. Meanwhile there are new futures on the horizon for EEDC, Edmonton Global, Rossdale and calcium chloride.

Emergency Rejuicing of our Climate Ambitions

CLIMATE EMERGENCY, CLIMATE EMERGENCY! We also talk about tech, the missing middle and Open Streets but are any of those really EMERGENCIES? Because the CLIMATE is an EMERGENCY.

Time to stop CarbIn up and start cutting

Troy is tired from Fringe, but that won't stop us from talking about the newest Fringe drama. We also delve into the climate emergency, AirBNB licensing and why scooters reveal how a councillor and our mayor have Chronic Bad Take Syndrome

Our First AniseVersary

Speaking Municipally is a year old! We'll update you on all things you missed over the "summer". Scooters, theatre, cannabis, LRT and about a billion other things!

Edmonton's affordedible housing strategy

Council's on break so in Mack and Troy's last episode before the summer break, Duncan Kinney joins to talk about Edmonton's affordable housing strategy

The renderings were a lie... berry

According to Don Iveson complaining is a summer sport in Edmonton... Troy goes for the gold. We break down the Library and how bike lanes and Keillor Point prove that the City hates fun.

Writing a pun title every week is chard

Has Edmonton lost the "creative spark" on development? I'm not really sure if we answer that question but Troy and Mack certainly rant about TOD. Also ranting about: Homelessness crisis, "SafeCityYEG" map and the Vision Zero annual report.

Developers are Cumin for our heritage buildings

There's a couple heritage buildings that may have their heritage ending soon, plus we discuss whether public art needs to be installed within electric scooter distance of downtown

Council Still Can't Dill with the Playground Zone Times

Julie Kusiek fills in for Mack this week and on the roster for discussion is the Core Zone, Engage 106-76 and, of course, Playground Zone times.

The Berry Bad Calcium Chloride Plan

Calcium chloride is inexplicably back on the agenda... well, sort of. We'll talk about it. Plus we'll have updates on EPCOR's river valley solar farm, the new Lewis Farms rec centre, and Troy is a soothsayer in so many ways.

Stirring up our SideWok Strategy

The Nordic spa finds a home in Ft. Edmonton, and the WEM footbridge finds a home in someone else's credit card statement. Plus, the affordable housing moratorium in five core neighbourhoods might be coming to a close.

The Supplemental Crabapital Budget Adjustment

Council is asked to spend a bit more money on a few more things like crosswalks and enterprise software, and Waste Management, despite being asked, still cannot manage waste.

Cornfusion with the 104st market location

This week Mack and Troy are joined again by Mel Priestley to delve in-depth into the confusion over the Downtown Farmers Market and where it will call home in the future.

Just Some UpDates

Mill Creek, the WEM Footbridge to Nowhere, vehicle noise, bike share, boring City Council reports and parking all make an appearance but we don't talk at length about any of them. Like the title says, these are just some updates.

Let me Hemp you with that motion, Councillor

Speed limit reduction passes! Distracted walking is still legal in Edmonton, Andrew Knack proves Einstein's definition of insanity is "calling in to City Council meetings" and Mill Creek Ravine daylighting gets an update.

Will developers produce parking without minimums?

Iveson's State of the City address was this week and we've got the Cliff's notes. Meanwhile City Council peeks over the edge of the Precipice of regulating parking and contemplates jumping. City admin suggests that we shouldn't bid on the commonwealth games, and it's not a Bluff to improve our negotiating position. Finally, when Jon D opens his mouth there's no talking him down off that Cliff.

A whole garden of speed reduction PLANts

Springtime has a whole bunch of plans for speed reduction popping up through the frost. We talk about all the bad ones, and Troy's. Plus a couple downtown towers try to peek through; one rejected and the other still up for debate.

We're not trying to Drupe you but we might get a Core zone

Troy's uncharacteristically happy after seeing a political success and back gives an update about a rave in an abandoned powerplant for SingularityU. Meanwhile Mike Nickel gets more populist and votes against learning things.

The Orange Dot

We're living in Kenney's Alberta, and we'd be remiss if we didn't talk about the massive change of government. Mack and Troy show the echoes of the past in the election results and break down what these results might mean for the City of Edmonton. This episode contains 3 (three) Hot Takes.

Updating the zoning Arugulations

Mack and Troy are joined by Anne Stevenson, a senior planner at the City of Edmonton to talk about the plan to updating the city's zoning regulation, last updated in 2001. Jon D from Ward 3 (friend of the podcast) does not make an appearance.

A political rising starfruit

An article published about Sarah Hamilton that called her "Edmonton's political rising star" left us star-struck... or just confused. Plus, we have election coverage, city-owned land sales, cyclist tickets, crosswalks and of course we'll hear from the best friend of the podcast.

The Sage Wisdom of LRT Operations

Special guest Don Iveson makes an appearance on this episode to discuss transit fare policy. Mack and Troy also dig into the city's TLC 4 LRT plan which can be essentially summarized as "indiscriminately shutting down LRT stations"

Butternut Delay Speed Reductions Further

Troy spends a full day yelling at council about speed limit and he's got the deets on everything to do with council's plan to reduce speed limits. Meanwhile, Mack and Troy's honeymoon period with Elise Stolte's articles appears to be waning as they provide some hot takes on both columns this week.

So Longan to the market on 104 street

City market announces their move out of the downtown core into the definitely-developed Quarters. Meanwhile, the specter of residential speed limits continues to haunt Edmonton City Council

Limiting Liquor-ice Separation Distances

Mack and Troy are joined by special guest Mel Priestley to discuss everything you wanted to know about liquor store separation distances and more. Plus, we'll have an update on the Mayfair golf course "decision"

Ripe or not, here I kumquat

Council has to deal with an upcoming return of the Mayfair issue and grapple with the question of how many downtown towers is too many, neither of which they really want to. Fluoride makes an appearance as well.

Brian Mason has beef that cud lead to the end of milking the cash cow

Transportation Minister Brian Mason attempts to put the cash cow out to pasture, Tony Caterina is the latest councillor with questionable ward expenses and the popo naming victims might be a gogo.

CocOH NO! Another Train Delay

It's the valentine's day episode! We talk about trains, love, and councillors asking really, really bad questions at council meetings. Also city employees speeding in playground zones.

Excuse me while I fennel my ward money into an MBA

A city councillor took some heat for some questionable usage of his ward funds - but that's the only thing about Edmonton that was hot. We talk about LRT stations as refuge from the cold and business owners' chilly response to the closing of 95 ave.

Squashing requests for data

The city is squashing requests for data. There's a walkway that strolled straight through the city's bureaucracy, and requests for information come to a head at city hall. Plus, Mack makes news.

Re-lease the Greens

Mack and Troy are joined by guest Michael Janz to talk about the Mayfair golf course lease. Council also gets a brief update about calcium chloride and LRT alignments.

A New Season

It's a new season and Mack and Troy bring you a healthy dose of experimentation, and update you on bike share, suicide barriers and Whyte towers

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