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Butternut Delay Speed Reductions Further

Troy spends a full day yelling at council about speed limit and he's got the deets on everything to do with council's plan to reduce speed limits. Meanwhile, Mack and Troy's honeymoon period with Elise Stolte's articles appears to be waning as they provide some hot takes on both columns this week.

So Longan to the market on 104 street

City market announces their move out of the downtown core into the definitely-developed Quarters. Meanwhile, the specter of residential speed limits continues to haunt Edmonton City Council

Limiting Liquor-ice Separation Distances

Mack and Troy are joined by special guest Mel Priestley to discuss everything you wanted to know about liquor store separation distances and more. Plus, we'll have an update on the Mayfair golf course "decision"

Ripe or not, here I kumquat

Council has to deal with an upcoming return of the Mayfair issue and grapple with the question of how many downtown towers is too many, neither of which they really want to. Fluoride makes an appearance as well.

Brian Mason has beef that cud lead to the end of milking the cash cow

Transportation Minister Brian Mason attempts to put the cash cow out to pasture, Tony Caterina is the latest councillor with questionable ward expenses and the popo naming victims might be a gogo.

CocOH NO! Another Train Delay

It's the valentine's day episode! We talk about trains, love, and councillors asking really, really bad questions at council meetings. Also city employees speeding in playground zones.

Excuse me while I fennel my ward money into an MBA

A city councillor took some heat for some questionable usage of his ward funds - but that's the only thing about Edmonton that was hot. We talk about LRT stations as refuge from the cold and business owners' chilly response to the closing of 95 ave.

Squashing requests for data

The city is squashing requests for data. There's a walkway that strolled straight through the city's bureaucracy, and requests for information come to a head at city hall. Plus, Mack makes news.

Re-lease the Greens

Mack and Troy are joined by guest Michael Janz to talk about the Mayfair golf course lease. Council also gets a brief update about calcium chloride and LRT alignments.

A New Season

It's a new season and Mack and Troy bring you a healthy dose of experimentation, and update you on bike share, suicide barriers and Whyte towers

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