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Troy and Mack are joined by Elise Stolte and Chris Chang-Yen Phillips for the first game of Edmonton Jeopardy!

Council poinsettias the budget at a 2.6% increase

Council passed the budget on the last day they had to do so - we'll give you the highlights and hot city council gossip. You'll also get an overview of Iveson's end of year wrapup. Plus a special announcement!

Veggies, get to the CHOPPA

The budget is well underway and motions were made... and quickly unmade. As well, the police is getting more money, but LESS more money. We also touch on transit stations, helicopters and the doomed metro line

Some people still aPeachiate city services

Mack's out of the office, so Troy and Kirsten Goa talk about parking revenue, budget discussions, child-friendliness and ill-advised tweeting from a National Post reporter.

Streisand's Favourite fruit was a SLAPPle

This week a sitting city councillor will stay that way after he lost the UCP nomination in Edmonton-South. He might struggle to get back up to city hall because of all the Grey Cup Festival caused traffic snarls, though. We also talk (very carefully) about an Edmonton MP suing a student newspaper and some questionable public engagement from a city that has won international awards from public engagement.

We might Guava problem with following through on our priorities

Council chambers are full of people exercising their democratic right and speaking to council; Troy breaks down why that's stupid and why they shouldn't. And meanwhile we're back to the old refrain: city administration does not seem to be following council's strategic direction in day-to-day operation of the city.

Looking at Olive the competing priorities

This week it's all about the budget. We'll tell you all about the items competing for your dollars and where we're finding "savings". As well we'll update you on the good, mediocre and Cartmell-level ideas being proposed by City Council

Time for Knecht to Peas Out

The chief of police is out, so we'll have an interim chief during the budget discussions. Mack and Troy question the lack of questions asked about our police budget, and Troy shares a very harsh indictment of the Office of Traffic Safety and council's oversight of it.

No Raisin to go forward with the innovation hub

There's no reason to go forward with the innovation hub. It's dead. Forever. Happy Halloween. Don Iveson also gets fed up with lack of provincial funding for municipal projects as the debate around the capital budget begins.

The Juicy New Melonnovation Hub

In this episode we talk with Eliza Barlow and Therese Kehler, the writer and editor of Taproot Edmonton's newest story on EEDC's lease on the 103st building that they plan to use as the location of their new "Innovation Hub". Read the full reporting here, before listening to the episode:

Oregano Transit For You

Lots of transit this week! In the last election "BRT" was the dogwhistle word candidates use to say "I hate transit"; we'll help you learn about the new words councillors are using today! Meanwhile downtown, two community leagues are pushing back against a new tower development. How much density is too much?

Lettuce on the bus for free

Free transit is on the table after Councillor Paquette issued a notice of motion to examine what free transit might look like in our city. We have an update on Terwiliger Drive, calcium chloride and whether you have to walk half a kilometre to refill your booze flask.

Terrawillegar Drive

Traffic on your roadway? Just embiggen it to enquicken all the cars. Or something. This week council was off so we took a deep dive into Terwillager Drive, and some of the upgrade plans. Spoiler alert: they're all bad.

Mixed Greens

Council approved the tower on two single family home lots in Oliver and OK'd the contingency plan for the Metro Line signalling system. Edmonton also has an Access Without Fear policy now. Plus, provided you're 10m away from a door or window, we also have a toke without fear policy.

We've Bean here before

Don Iveson has a 5-point plan to hold taxes to inflation that includes having the suburbs pay their way. The FISE event might not make the cut this year, Edmonton explores more Sanctuary city implications and administration still seems to be running the city irrespective of council's oversight.

Thinking about the need to Maca cut

Council's got budget on the mind and is thinking about the places where they might need to Maca cut. The City Auditor reports an ongoing culture change, and the Edmonton Integrity Commissioner is officially announced. Meanwhile, Calgary is beating us in vision zero, without even trying.

History is a radish best preserved

Edmonton City Council is determined to ensure that Accidental Beach remains an accident while making clear that large towers south of Whyte Ave were not an accident. They were always supposed to be there. The plan says so, see? Meanwhile at Blatchford where residential construction is about to start, Hangar 11 fears he will meet the same fate as his ten younger brothers.

Put your organics in a different rutabega

Secondary suites are legal in Edmonton, and we're rezoning some developments to allow the already legal weed. We talk about a lot of garbage - we don't mean that pejoratively, it's about organics - and Troy lets you know about the biggest stealth conservative lobby organization in our city.

Picking a Root

This week Council is picking a root. The centre LRT turns out to be less of a circulator and more of a couple lines here and there. Council is walking back playground zones... maybe. A report comes back that might give councillors more of a heads up about upcoming reports and, of course, we're talking bike lanes.

Council can't beet the heat on Admin decisions

City Council has to walk back several decisions made by city administration like removing the memorial bench plaques and the Heritage Festival barn evictions. Mack and Troy also take a look forward at the big issues that will be coming up this year.

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