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The best part of the pie is the INFILLing

We filled up this episode with infill. We're talking with Mariah Samji, executive director of IDEA about everything you wanted to know, and didn't know you wanted to know about infill

Pining for more trees

This week, we're talking all about trees. Dustin Bajer joins to talk about why trees are important in Edmonton, climate change, and to address Mack and Troy's burning - sorry for the pun - questions.

If the current day ends in a y, the funicular is fondue for maintenance

Council's out for the summer and we'll recap their final month before they left. Plus, speed limits are being lowered, and the funicular is broken.

Gondolas and high Seed trains

This week, Nickel's sanction hearing goes exactly as expected, as does the vote on paying for parking in parks. But we do get some unexpected high speed rail news.

I Cayennen't remember what it's like to feel cool

This week, it's very very hot and very very dry and very very emotional and very very "Fireworks". Thanks City of Edmonton. Plus, we bring you the latest on masks and the hyperloop.

The stench of council's proceDurian bickering

Council will almost surely expire the mandatory mask bylaw July 1st, we'll break down the litigation by the procedural rules lawyers that got us here. Plus, paying for parking in parks.

Discussing better, more vibrant pastures with the Downtown Business Grassociation

A $26.5M pedway in station lands and a new downtown vibrancy report are top of mind this week, and we thought of no better guest to help us learn about them than Puneeta McBryan, executive director of the Downtown Business Association.

Edmonton's playing Ketchup in smart fare implementation

Despite our cynicism it looks like smart fare is really real and will be taking to Edmonton Transit soon. Plus, we took away the name "Grandin" from the LRT station. And, a taste of some election roundup.

Not AnonyMoose: Edmonton's Deer football team gets a new name

This week we found out what the Walterdale Bridge public art was supposed to look like, and why it was never installed. Plus, a plan from the city to prevent chopping down trees, and mayoral candidate signs chopped at oblong angles.

Why is there no public art on the new GrOat bridge?

This week, the Groat Road bridge is front and centre. We’ll talk with Jason Meliefste about the successes, failures and why there’s no public art. Turns out it's both everyone's and no one's fault.

Acorning to WEM, they don't have to pay for that bridge

The worst kept secret of the 2021 election is no longer, Amarjeet Sohi is officially running for mayor! Plus, we seem to be progressing very little on both Vision Zero and the WEM pedestrian bridge.

The pun so Mandelicious we used it twice

This week Troy and Mack are joined by former Mayor of Edmonton Stephen Mandel. He'll talk about the plan he supports for the Coliseum, the airport, his run at the Alberta Party, and tennis.

The former big cheese on inteGRATED infrastructure

This week Troy and Mack talk with Adam Laughlin, the current deputy city manager of integrated infrastructure and the former interim city manager during the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Leduc's photo radar is a BroccoLIE

The first round of listening sessions for the People's Agenda has wrapped up. Hear from the Business Overlords™ about what that means. Plus, Leduc has scrapped photo radar and Edmonton's council has scrapped a temporary daytime shelter.

The transit fare increase is Tarragon, for now

Against the advice of City Council, City Council elects not to raise the transit cash fare. Plus, City Council argues with City Council in letters to City Council.

InSalting and demeaning the po po-boys

This week there was a lot of talk about buses and transit. We'll talk about all the hot motions, amendments and subsequents you want to hear about. Plus, the police union, shockingly, doesn't appear to appreciate criticism of the police.

Council's ambitious decision to kick the can is history in the Baking

Council debates the recommendations of the Community Safety task force and does exactly as much as we expected them to do. Plus, we're not scrapping the bus network redesign two weeks before launching.

Pickling a retiring councillor's brain

Outgoing councillor Ben Henderson joins us to talk about policing, poverty, his legacy and what he's looking for in an ideal mayor.

Papaya-ttention to bus route changes

As the mantra goes: do one thing and do it well. ETS is spending this week focusing on the contrapositive: do many things and do them poorly. Plus, Troy preaches a sermon on "e-scooters did nothing wrong".

Knack's dancing to the AmarBeet

We read probably a little bit too hard into Andrew Knack's mayoral not-announcement. Plus, garbage, shelters, new housing, and scoots.

Speaking with the new ETS Branch Mandaringer

Carrie Hotton-MacDonald, the new Branch Manager of Edmonton Transit, joins to talk about her new role, the bus network redesign, and to address a smattering of Twitter questions.

Another CRL? Chia, right!

This week Cate Watt and Anton Szabo join the podcast to answer all our questions about tax policy. Is making a new CRL to fund the LRT a good idea? Should we charge more taxes to those living in Windermere vs Oliver? It's time for revenge of the tax nerds!

The province is still catching flax for headwater pollution

This week updates from all across the board: the gondola goes forward, we learn more about headwater protection and the two succeeding and one failing CRLs

It's not quite Chili enough to treat people like human Beans

The Gondola is back in the news and we spend some oxygen complaining about the oxygen it's taking up. Plus, the police surprise absolutely no one by very publicly forcing houseless people out into the cold, and a school board trustee raises the alarm on the erosion of trustees' ability to represent their constituents.

I'm ordering you to seed and desist

Council unanimously rejects a proposed social media policy and Councillor Sarah Hamilton joins us to explain why. Plus, Troy gets a letter in the mail.

Croqgetting better uses out of our surplus school sites

We're joined by EPSB Ward F Trustee Michael Janz to discuss surplus school sites and a little-known public school board power to levy new taxes. Plus, we address Troy's tweets.

It's Andre's Clementime to shine

Newly minted - that could have been an alternate title pun - City Manager André Corbould joins Troy and Mack to discuss getting situated in the new role, his plans for the city and what impact he hopes to make as City Manager. Cliffs notes: he confirms he currently lives in St. Albert

A slew of new Candied Dates

City council is a bit slow getting back up and running, but they still manage to talk about shisha bars, the new city manager, infill and trickle-down sidewalks. Plus, Troy badly disseminates election tips

The return of two Fungis

This is a garbage episode, but by that we mean it's about actual garbage. The city unveils new waste collection carts. Meanwhile, Jobber gets US$60M, the trains might finally be on time, and some city employees get a layoff letter. We're back!

JeoPEARdy 2020

Everyone's favourite annual episode returns for a third year! Join a panel of fired journalists as they navigate their way through EDMONTON JEOPARDY. Who among Stacey Brotzel, Scott Johnston or Ryan Jespersen will claim the coveted Speaking Municipally Jeopardy crown for themselves?

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