Terrawillegar Drive

Traffic on your roadway? Just embiggen it to enquicken all the cars. Or something. This week council was off so we took a deep dive into Terwillager Drive, and some of the upgrade plans. Spoiler alert: they're all bad.

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Calcium Chloride
Starlight Casino
Terwillegar Drive
In this episode we mentioned fellow Alberta Podcast Network member The Broadcast, hosted by Trisha Estabrooks and Alex Zabjek. Unfortunately, they have decided to go on hiatus but we encourage you to check out the archives. We also talked about the latest episode of The Well Endowed Podcast called Into the Woods and noted they are about to celebrate their 2 year anniversary - congrats! The Well Endowed Podcast is running a listener survey that you can fill out here.

Two other quick plugs: APN founder and Taproot co-founder Karen Unland is speaking at The Local Good's next Green Drinks event on October 3. And the latest episode of Let's Find Out is another collaboration with Taproot. This time, Chris Chang-Yen Phillips explores the Cree calendar.

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