Scootin' Makes Chiveson Cranky

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Big Daddy Iveson is upset about e-scooters and will turn this whole (not actually a) pilot around! Plus transit fines might be decreasing and we follow up on the WEM Footbridge and Terwilliger expressway.
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Red Brick Crosswalk
Valley Line Construction
Urban Chickens
Bad ETS Ad
WEM Footbridge
Transit Fines
Terwillegar Expressway
Speaking Municipally is a proud member of the Alberta Podcast Network, powered by ATB. This week we highlighted LiftFest, which runs Oct. 17-27, and specifically Author Pods which is "a series of live shows and discussions at the intersection of writing and podcasting." We also shared the Take Control campaign from Alberta Health Services which aims to help Albertans understand the many options for care.

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Scootin' Makes Chiveson Cranky
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