Speaking Municipally: A Podcast About Edmonton City Council

Curious about Edmonton City Council? Join Troy Pavlek and Mack Male in a new podcast that dives into the how's and why's of Edmonton politics. Week-to-week, you'll follow important issues as they move from issues to debates to bylaws.

Speaking Municipally is our pilot weekly podcast digging into the how's and why's of Edmonton politics.

Your hosts are Troy Pavlek and Mack Male who could graciously be described as "competent".

Each week we'll give you a short version of what happened this week that we think you should care about, and we'll dig in and discuss why it matters.

We're available wherever podcasts are sold - and submitting to as many new places as possible! If we're not available where you prefer to listen to podcasts, let us know! We'll get there.

Back here on August 10th. See you then.

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Speaking Municipally is a proud member of the Alberta Podcast Network, powered by ATB.

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